Our attention to customer service and creative approach to business allow us to give you a company that you can trust to give you the best solutions and then to follow through with them–on-time and satisfied. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your promotional product is what you'd expect. We want to produce effect product that fits your needs and remains to be seen by your clients.

 Imprinting Promotional Merchandise

Imprinted promotional merchandise can provide an enormous source of revenue for your company or organization by advertising your brand, product, or service continually to the person that you give the item to.  Imprinted merchandise can also be sold to loyal customers who are proud to promote your brand. Also, a visitor in a new town is likely to purchase imprinted promotional merchandise to commemorate his or her trip. Take advantage of every sales opportunity by selling quality merchandise imprinted by Chase Marketing Inc. Your choice of imprinting style can greatly affect the appearance of a product by giving it a more formal or casual look.

Just some of our Method of Decoration:

•Silk-screening (screen printing)






Artwork Formats

Chase Marketing Inc. accepts camera-ready artwork in several formats including

 PDF, JPG, EPS, AI and TIFF files.



We have thousands of products available for customization in your choice of color, size, and material. In-House Art Services. If you do not have a graphic artist to prepare your artwork, we can provide you with our in house art services.


Marketing Tactics

Chase Marketing Inc. has proven experience in developing successful and  effect promotional product ideas to help you in your decision making process.


Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a way to show appreciation for client loyalty. Gifts can be given for special occasions or even on general principle. Sending a corporate gift customized by Chase Marketing Inc. is the best way to maintain a presence in your client's memory while also showing gratitude for his or her business. Corporate gifts are appropriate any time of the year. The winter holidays are the most common time to give corporate gifts. Gifts demonstrate the generous spirit of the season and show a desire to continue a strong business relationship in the coming year. This is also an appropriate time to show an appreciation for a client as a person and not just as a business resource.

Gift Giving

Aside from the winter holidays, there are several other occasions to give corporate gifts, such as birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child. This may grab a client's attention at a time when the competition is not making the same gesture.

 Giving a customized corporate gift with your logo is a polite way to reinforce your brand identity and reward the client at the same time. The gift should always be something the client finds desirable and useful for his or her particular lifestyle. Be considerate of your recipient and it's likely that the client will return the favor by regularly using your corporate gifts and continuing your business relationship.

 Corporate gifts, used in saying thank-you to valued employees, showing appreciation to business relationships formed over the year, extending corporate branding into the marketplace, and spreading holiday goodwill is huge! Everyone wants in and hot products sell out. So, make your selection and place your orders early for guaranteed delivery and smiles on everyone’s face!


Trade Show Giveaways & Trade Show Marketing

The primary reason to give away promotional products at a trade show is to draw traffic to your booth. Given the large crowds and limited space at a trade show, there is enormous competition for the customer's attention. At best, you have three seconds to grab the attention of a passing customer. Irresistible giveaways are the best way to draw in a crowd.

Even small items like pens, notepads and candy are effective. Just make sure that the item has a universal appeal and your logo imprinted on it, and it's even better if the theme of the item relates to your company or product. Sales performance can be improved by controlling the distribution of trade show giveaways. Integrate a freebie into the trade show display to encourage guests to explore the booth.

Trade show giveaways can also be handed out by booth staff, creating a one to one connection. This type of personal touch provides an additional opportunity to make a pitch. We have found that sending out an email one week prior to the event and offering a coupon to come by the booth and pick up a tote bag is an absolute winner as a trade show giveaway. They actually come to the booth waving their e-mail or flyer in the air.